The Software Development Process

Here are a few quotes I found out there that I thought make sense:

Quote 1:
The game says there is a "process" that takes "inputs", generates "subtasks", and "schedules", which go to "motivated programmers" that "follow the clear directions", and use "laest tools" to generate "quality code" that can be "integrated" and "tested" and "shipped".

Quote 2:
Whatever you do, choose a process with rapid prototyping and testing that also allows for the specification to be changed because the majority of the bugs will be in there.

Quote 3:
People may write requirements in abundance but they do not write what they need the system to do and which functionality they prefer over the vast list "essential" features! That part is discovered during the development. If your process is cheap, you can work your way out of it - if it is "formal" you will die under a mountain of papers, inspection records, progress meetings and what not.

Quote 4:
Program bottom-up until it works. Then go top-down and clean it up.
Most people just skip that last step.

Quote 5:
0. Plan the code
1. Write code
2. Read code
3. Test code
4. Release
but most people skip 2, sometimes 3. Also, if you program bottom-up, 0 is a continuous process.

Quote 6:
The fastest way to get it working is to slow down and do it right the first time.


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